05 October 2010

What's Wrong with This Picture? Part I

My young daughter used to play a game where she had to identify things that did not fit in a picture.   The sample below gives you a hint.

Spot the Odd Man Out

I play the "what's wrong with this picture" game in Moscow (sorry, no pictures).  Here is an example:

Moscow is consistently rated as one of the most expensive cities in the world in various studies.  It ranks with London, New York, and Tokyo.  Yet, in terms of infrastructure and standards of living, Moscow does not belong to this group.

Basically, Moscow has the extremely high costs of a world capital without many of its benefits.  What's wrong with this picture?

More importantly, why is this picture wrong?


  1. One of the major causes of this was fired recently.

  2. They are all boys, except the girl at the back of the line. That or it's the middle one without a shirt.

  3. That's obvious!!
    It's the level of dumbness of the population in each city that determines the cost of living. If stupid people are prepared to pay high prices then they will be charged high prices. It's called marketing.

    London, New York and Moscow obviously have the dumbest people of the world living there. I think that's what is wrong with the picture!!